• Declaration of opening of the session
    Quorum: Attendance of 1/3 or more of incumbent members
  • Report
    Reported by
    • Head of Secretariat Office: General matters related to the council
    • Chairman: Matters related to the proceeding of session
  • Speech
    5-minute free speech, personal speech or speech on the proceeding of the session
  • Submission of agenda
    Agenda scheduled to be presented In principle, one agenda item is presented at a time. When necessary, more than 2 agenda items can be presented at the same time.
  • Presentation of proposals
    Presenter: proposer Agendas presented:
    • Agendas not reviewed by the council
    • Agendas submitted to the plenary session without being reviewed by the council within the review period
  • Report of inspection result
    Reporter: Chairman of the council or administrative secretary Agendas: Agenda reviewed by the council
  • Q&A and discussion
    Any member who wishes to ask a question or participate in discussion should make an application to the chairman in advance The member should indicate his/her intent of support or opposition. During the discussion, an opposing member gets the floor first, followed by an supporting member. Q&A and discussion can be omitted by a resolution for agenda items already reviewed by the council.
  • Declaration of the voting result (resolution)
    Declaration of the voting result (resolution)
  • Declaration of closing of the session
    Declaration of closing of the session