Samhan ("Three Hans")

  • During the Samhan period, Miryang was part of the territory of "Mirimidongguk," one of Byeonhan tribes.

Silla Dynasty

505 (6th year of King Jijeung's reign)

  • Mirimidongguk was annexed by Silla during which it was known as "Chuhwa-gun."

757 (16th year of King Gyeongdeok‘s reign)

  • Under the reformation of names carried out by King Gyeongdeok, Silla was divided into 9 jus (provinces), and Miryang's name changed to "Milseong-gun" having five hyeons.

Goryeo Dynasty

995 (14th year of King Seongjong's reign)

  • Goryeo was divided into 4 dohobus and 10 dos (provinces) and Miryang became part of Yeongdong province along with Kyeongju. Miryang was also elevated to the status of a ju, "Milju-gun." Milju-gun had under it two guns, namely Changnyeong and Cheongdo and 4 hyeons, namely Hyeonpung, Gyeoseong, Yeongsan, and Punggak.

1018 (9th year of King Hyeongjong's reign)

  • Miryang was named "Milseonggunsa."

1275 (first year of King Chungyeol's reign)

  • It was elevated again to the status of "Milseong-gun."

1285 (11th year of King Chungyeol's reign)

  • It was elevated again to the status of "Milseong-gun."

1390 (2nd year of King Gongyang's reign)

  • King Gongyang elevated it once again to the status of "Miryang-bu."

Joseon Dynasty

1392 (first year of King Taejo's reign)

  • Miryang was demoted to "Milsung-gun" and was later raised back to "Milseong-bu" in 1394.

1401 (first year of King Taejong's reign)

  • King Taejong had all the regions with more than 1,000 houses be called "dohobu" and accordingly Miryang became "Miryang dohobu" from "Milseong-gun."

1895 (32nd year of King Gojong's reign)

  • King Gojong issued an imperial order to introduce 23 bus and reform Joseon into 36 guns and Miryang became "Miryang-gun of Daegu-bu."

1896 (33rd year of King Gojong's reign)

  • King Gojong issued another imperial order and Miryang's name changed to Miryang-gun of Gyeongsangnam-do.

Modern Times

September 30, 1910

  • Japan, which ruled Joseon, introduced an administrative unit "myeon" to all local administrative districts and Miryang's name changed to "Miryang-myeon of Miryang-gun" on October 1, 1910.

March 1, 1914

  • Names and districts of myeon were restructured into 12 myeons.

April 1, 1931

  • An administrative unit "eup" was introduced and Miryang-myeon was elevated to "Miryang-eup" along with Daejeon, Suncheon, and Andong.

Contemporary Times

January 1, 1963

  • Samrangjin-myeon was elevated to “Samlangjin-eup” by Statute No. 1177.

July 15, 1966

  • An official office Imcheon was set up in Samlangjin-eup under Gun Ordinance No. 103.

July 1, 1973

  • Hanam-myeon was elevated to "Hanam-eup" under Presidential Decree No. 6543.

January 1, 1989

  • Miryang's status was elevated from eup to city under Act No. 4050 and the region was divided into two parts: Miryang city (having 6 dongs, 28 tongs, and 316 bans) and Miryang-gun (having two eups and 9 myeons).

January 1, 1995

  • Miryang-gun and Miryang city were combined under Act No. 4774 and became a rural-urban complex city having two eups, 9 myeons, and 6 dongs.

September 21, 1998

  • Hangjeong-dong and Yonghwal-dong, which had less than 5,000 population, were merged and became Naeil-dong with two eups, 9 myeons, and 5 dongs under paragraph (5) of Article 4 of the Local Autonomy Act.